Dutch Web3 Startup Klayr Labs Launches to Takeover the Layer 1 Platform of Lisk

2024-05-23 14:20 출처: Klayr Labs

UTRECHT, Netherlands--(뉴스와이어)--Following the Lisk blockchain upgrade to the Optimism Superchain this week, Dutch startup Klayr Labs announced it would be taking over the Layer 1 technology and starting a new blockchain in June named “Klayr.” Moving forward, Klayr Labs will run operations and maintenance and ecosystem development for the Layer 1 platform.

The Klayr Labs team is based in the Netherlands and is rapidly scaling its team to bring even more developers to the highly customisable and easy-to-use Layer 1 blockchain. With a well-documented SDK and years of established performance, their aim is to provide digital ownership to a million people through the Klayr toolkit by 2030, thereby expanding the healthy ecosystem of web3 users.

Late last year, the Layer 1 blockchain Lisk announced that they intended to join the Optimism Superchain. The leadership at the Onchain Foundation, keen to maintain the years of development invested in Lisk and to support the developer ecosystem seeking to remain on Lisk’s Layer 1, identified a leadership team from within the community that could bring the technology and the spirit of the Layer 1 forward. They found this in the team of Colecti, who developed the Lisk blockchain’s first digital asset and NFT marketplace. Active within the web3 and blockchain sector since 2017, the four founders (Lukas Bronsvoort, Jurre Machielsen, Raphaël Cornelis and Sander Mandemaker) are veteran tech entrepreneurs with vast experience developing blockchain applications and companies. Aside from their work with Colecti, they founded the largest blockchain-focused coworking space in the Netherlands, the Lisk Center Utrecht, and the Lisk blockchain explorer Liskscan.

Together, the Colecti founders established a partnership with the Onchain Foundation to provide technical support and funding to Klayr Labs for at least two years, thereby ensuring the continued existence of the Layer 1 technology and support for its developers and dApp creators.

“We have been developing in this ecosystem for many years, so we are familiar with what makes this blockchain one of the best Layer 1s for transaction speed, flexibility, and security: its sidechain interoperability. At the same time, we know it will be even better for developers to have more choice in how they build on Klayr, and that includes having mainchain accessibility,” said Lukas Bronsvoort, co-founder and CEO of Klayr Labs.

To learn more, visit their website here.

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