YURA Releases New Work Instructions Software ‘CADvizor WORK’

2023-01-19 13:00 출처: YURA Co., Ltd.

CADvizor WORK instructions

SEONGNAM--(뉴스와이어)--YURA Co.,Ltd, one of the top ten global wiring harness manufacturing companies, announced the new release of its renowned ECAD solution CADvizor. AWS certified solution CADvizor is widely used by manufacturing businesses in automotive parts, satellites, and the agricultural equipment industry.

Yura‘s newly released work instructions software ’CADvizor WORK' helps factory workers to produce electrical products more effectively.

CADvizor WORK provides guidance with accurate product information and optimized production methodology for factory workers. With CADvizor WORK technology, a single electrical design data can be divided into multiple work instructions. This can help reduce 90% of the time spent on doing work instructions and save 30% of the production lead time.

Electrical products go through the procedures of wire cutting, semi-manufactured goods, assembly, and release. Electrical engineers can utilize the CADvizor’s Logic module and MFG Module to complete the electrical design process. Then, detailed work instructions can be generated through the CADvizor WORK. The work instructions provide each factory worker with detailed guidelines on how to manufacture and assemble electrical products. Hence, the final electrical products of excellent quality can be produced with the most optimal lead time.

For more information, visit CADvizor official website.

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